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Destined to become one of the most sought after businesses to be aligned with in 2020.

 - No Competition 

 - No Licensing Required 

 - Work in any state in the continental USA.

Be on the Ground Floor - Its truly that significant!

Associate Business Opportunity

Associate Business Opportunity - Home Down Payment Assistance Grants in all USA.

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Associate Business Opportunity  - Home Down Payment Assistance Grants in all USA 

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This was a live webinar recorded in August of 2019.

Worth the time to view!  (19 min.)

Forward this video to about 2:23 min.

Network Marketing May Not Be Perfect, It's Just Better.

 - Worldwide there are over 100 million individuals involved in networking representing over $180 billion in annual revenue.


 - Entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet and companies like Virgin, Sara Lee and Time Warner are buying network marketing/direct selling companies. According to Buffet, “dollar for dollar, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.” 

 - Fortune Magazine called the industry, “the best kept secret in the business world.” and Network Marketing

Network Marketing with

Network Marketing with

Network Marketing with

 MultiLevel marketing statistics suggest that the industry is in its hyper growth stage; it's the perfect time to invest your time, effort, and money in this business. Take the time to consider the multilevel marketing statistics from the Direct Sellers Association:

According to their multilevel marketing statistics, there are around 100 million people in the entire world engaging in the network marketing business. Within the last few years, multilevel marketing statistics suggest that the industry has over a hundred and sixty eight billion dollars in terms of sale, with the actual amount of profits not falling far behind.

Perhaps the most convincing multilevel marketing statistics is the fact that the network marketing industry has grown by ninety percent during the last ten years. There are very few global industries that have had the same growth over the same period of time. If you are curious about the nature of this kind of growth in the industry, the answer is quite simple: there are a growing number of people who are tired of working boring corporate jobs and there are more people who want to earn more than they currently do.

More and more people are getting tired of corporate jobs that take too much of their time, robbing them of much-deserved time with their families and loved ones. Quality time is fast becoming passé—more people want to have the quantity of time to spend with their families.

Multilevel Marketing 101

Network Marketing with

Network Marketing with



A lot of people are confused about MLM companies and wonder how pyramid schemes can operate in the public eye for so long without getting shut down. Understanding multilevel marketing is key, and here's the weird fact: MLM companies are not illegal, but pyramid schemes are. Where it gets confusing is that many (some people 

would say nearly all) MLM companies are pyramid schemes. 


  • Multilevel marketing: Sometimes called direct marketing, home-business franchising, network marketing, affiliate marketing or direct sales, MLM companies are not illegal in the United States. In legitimate MLM companies, salespeople make most of their money by selling products from the company directly to consumers, but they also often make a cut of the downline associate's sales (like in a pyramid scheme, which is why it's all very confusing).

  • Pyramid scheme: In a pyramid scheme, the primary way a salesperson makes money is by recruiting more and more downline sales associates, not by selling products.

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Become a Valued Home Down Payment Assistance Associate Today.

We seek Business Associates with a "passion for helping others" afford the American Dream of home ownership as we expand across the USA in 2020 providing Non Repayable - Home Down Payment Assistance Grants. Abundant training is available to entrepreneurial individuals seeking an opportunity for long term financial security. If there was ever a real "ground floor opportunity" it exists here today as a valued associate. Will you join us today or look back and wish you had?  

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Associate Home Down Payment Assistance Grants Texas Florida Minnesota TX FL MN New York NY all USA

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