Home Down Payment Assistance Grants up to $48,000, non repayable Fl, Florida, Tx Texas, MN Minnesota
Non Repayable

Up to $48,000.

The biggest obstacle to Home Ownership 

 - is NOT employment.

 - is NOT a 580+ Fico score.

 - is NOT steady and sufficient income.


But is the Down Payment and/or Closing Cost. 

Let HomeDownPaymentAssistance.com help.

See Why....


Home Ownership Matters -  this video is brought to you by the National Association of Realtors.

Non Repayable Home Grant - The Process

Rick Roach

Rick Roach certified associate of FundMyHome.org

Fund My Home associate facilitates the "necessary grant recipient training" prior to onboarding with Fund My Home in collaboration with Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc. 

Fund My Home

Fund My Home
Fund My Home associate

 Fund My Home facilitates the onboarding of grant recipients after completion of required training as well as the procedural structure leading to our preferred lenders and preferred realtors.  

The Grant

FundMyHome.org in collaboration with Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment assistance, Inc.

 Real Estate Mortgage Grants And Down Payment Assistance, Inc. is a non profit corporation who's goal is to give 1 million non repayable grants up to $48,000 each.

Home Buyer Information

Home Down Payment Assistance Grants. 

This 11 min video will give you a full overview of our program.

For the most common question and answers please visit this link

Learn about our Student Loan Forgiveness Program below this section.

Contact us to get pre registered for a loan. 

Zero Out of Pocket Programs.

 Our 3 - Zero Out of Pocket Programs 

- 1) VA 

- 2) USDA 

- 3) 660+ Credit score

Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Student Loan Forgiveness Program -
get a mortgage with student loans in deferment

Learn how our "exclusive" Student Loan Forgiveness Program can move a renter with a default mark on their credit record due to delinquent student loan payments to the opportunity of Home Ownership. We can help you into home ownership by removing a defaulted student loan from credit record.

 Click here to learn more 

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