How To Buy A House

How to buy a house
buying a home

"How To Buy A House"

Most Real Estate Professionals would suggest 

the first step to home ownership is the 

pre-approval of a mortgage amount. 

 We respectfully disagree. 

That advise could cost you up to $48,000.00!

Buying a Home - How To Step by Step

How to Buy a House a with home down payment assistance grant.

Step 1 - Get a "NON REPAYABLE" - Home Down Payment Grant!

Would up to $48,000.00 as a non repayable down payment grant be beneficial to you?

The first step in the home buying process should be on-boarding for a "Non-Repayable" Down Payment Assistance Grant. 

Grant approvals can be completed in just 5 to 7 days after on-boarding and funds are wired directly to your closing.

You will pilot through our process well informed, well prepared and confident of the potential outcome before you proceed with your home buying experience as we share our knowledge, tools and skills in order to educate and empower you to discover and decide for yourself if you are a potential good fit for this program.

Step 1A - Get Mortgage Pre-Approval

Now that we have established your credit score, income and debt with our down payment assistance calculator you will know the home value you may qualify for as well as the dollar amount of your grant and our preferred lenders will now likely find you to be an attractive mortgage customer. Our preferred lenders provide government backed funding.

How to Buy a House a with home down payment assistance grant.

Step 2 - Getting a Realtor

Choosing a realtor from the thousands of licensed agents in your area is simplified with our Preferred Realtor referral. Once again seamlessly enhancing  your buying a house experience.       

Step 2A - Lets Go House Hunting

Zillow and the MLS provides you with the most comprehensive choices of homes available to suite your needs and budget. You can be assured of finding your perfect home here.

Step 2B - Making an Offer

After viewing the homes of interest in your pricing model and geographic it is time to make an offer on your perfect home. 

How to Buy a House a with home down payment assistance grant.

Step 3 - Close on your Home and Move In

In only a few more steps you will be ready to close on and move into you new home.

After you have negotiated the terms of the purchase you will need to do a purchase agreement.

With the purchase agreement:

- You will need to provide Earnest Money down payment (usually around $3,000).

- You will need to pay for a Home Inspection. (usually around $350.00)

- You will need to pay for an Appraisal. (usually around $495.00) 

After completing the above there will be a closing date set to finalize the purchase transaction and we electronically transfer your down payment assistance grant

Buying a home can be a simple process as you follow our ez steps.

Enjoy your New Home!

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How to Buy a House - A Step by Step Guide to Buying a House.

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